Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE

Deep Freezer up to –86°C


Worldwide novelty – the only ultra-low temperature freezer without compressor – with 75% energy savings!

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The STIRLING ULTRACOLD FREEZER SU780XLE is the world’s most powerful, energy-efficient and reliable freezer. The cabinet is equipped with a Free Piston Stirling cooling machine and not with a compressor, like all conventional models.

Special Features:

  • Free Piston Stirling cooling system maintenance free, 7 years warranty
  • matchless temperature stability and therefore highest sample safety
  • temperature range chooseable from -20°C to-86°C
  • 75% energy saving
  • volume 780 L / largest storage volume per m2 of usable space
  • 100% natural refrigerant
  • suitable for ambient temperatures up to +35°C
  • lowest waste heat, 280 watts
  • minimum CO2 footprint
  • extremely quiet in operation, <45 db


There are different types of interior design – we will be happy to advise you on what suits you best!


High Density Rack:

Get all the capacity out of Stirling with the space-saving High Density Rack.