Our service – quick and reliable

Our specially trained service technicians will maintain and repair your equipment quickly and reliably if required.

We know how much time, money and nerves it costs if a machine does not work trouble free. We can guarantee a fast service because of short internal communication lines and the use of only original spare parts in OEM quality,

We test and calibrate your equipment from A to Z, from the first request to the certificate. In order to ensure the trouble-free running and operation of the equipment, our service technicians carry out the required measurements and tests in Austria and in southern Germany.

We calibrate your equipment and machines according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). If possible, we will modernise your equipment to state of the art technology.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • PQ certifications
  • Calibrations (Temperature, RH-Measuring, Vacuum, CO2, O2)
  • Validations
  • Refrigerant replacement / refilling
  • Check of the operational safety of your refrigeration system according to  §22 Kälteanlagenverordnung (KAV) and Druckgeräteüberwachungsverordnung
  • Spare part acquisition
  • Other repairs


Our HiCUBE Turbomolecular Pumping Station in action

Trainings for new devices

We offer you free and detailed  training for new devices on site.


Service for Freeze Dryers:

The contractual maintenance for freeze dryers by one of our service technicians includes:

  • Testing in accordance with BGV A3 (electrical systems and equipments)
  • Testing of the general status
  • Testing of mechanical functions
  • Examination of the refrigeration system
  • Checking of the vaccum system incl. measuring probe and vaccum display
  • Checking of the copressor and vaccum pump suspension
  • Inspection of the filling levels
  • Testing of the accessories
  • Carrying out a test run
  • Drawing up a service report
  • Vacuum pump service
  • We offer you a cost-effective vacuum pump service and/or repair inclusive loan of a replacement pump. So you can continue working without delay.

We will be happy to advise you personally if you have any questions about certain products and their examination or operation.

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