Covid-19 special accessories



Mobile Transport Box: Vaccines & Samples

details                              Inquiry Portable Freezer Box

Stirling Ultracold – ULT25NEU

Capacity: 9000 vaccination doses | 1800 2ml vials

Flexibility: can be placed and recharged anywhere

Lowest operating costs: 2.8kW/h per day

Temperature: -86°C to -20°C





Ultracold Freezer: Storage of vaccines & samples

details                                  Inquiry Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE

Stirling Ultracold – SU780XLE & SU105UE

World’s 1st feezer ⇒ WITHOUT Kompressor

Reduces your energy costs up to – 75%

Capacity 780L: 300.000 vaccination doses | 60.000 vials

Capacity 105L: 36.000 vaccination doses | 7.200 vials

Indoor air purifier frees contaminated rooms from 99.9% of all particles

details                                  Inquiry indoor air purifier HACU CleanAir

CleanAir by Baker – HACU 1200 & 600

Frees contaminated rooms from viruses, bacteria & aerosols

Large HEPA-filter: H14 according to EN1822-1

Frees your rooms from: at least 99.995% of all particles

Flexibility: rollable | easy to plug into socket




Covid-19 Split wall for biological safety workstations

details                                  Inquiry Covid-19 split wall

CleanAir by Baker – splitt wall

Safe working – on a Laminar Flow

Can be mounted in the middle of each workstation by suction cups

Easy cleaning

Quick installation






Covid-19 special adapter for centrifuges

details                                  Inquiry Covid-19 special adapter for centrifuges

Covid Test Solution Zentrifuge | Laborgeräte RIEGER

AFI – Serology Adapter

to the virus serology test solutions

für centrifuge models LISA und LOREENA

specially developed for Covid test applications

LSCbasic control system for Christ Freeze Dryers


Comfortable and intuitive

LSCbasic control system with a colour touchscreen

For routine applications, a high degree of process reliability is expected in addition to application-specific flexibility. The Alpha or Beta device series with the new LSCbasic control system fulfils these requirements.

Useful functions, such as the schematic system diagram providing information about the system status at a glance, the indication of the product temperature based on the ice pressure curve or the use of multiple languages are highly convincing.


Pet Brooders

Pet Brooders – the No.1 choice for veterinary care and animal recovery, developped according to the needs and requirements of veterinary medicine. Available for optimal evironment settings depending on pet’s condition.



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