Portable Freezer Box  Model ULT-25NE

Covid-19 ULT vaccine and sample transport box

Temperature range: -86°C to -20°C

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tragbare Tiefkühlbox für Impfstoffe     mobile ULT Box

The ULT25NEU mobile freezer is the safest and most energy-saving ULT freezer solution available for transport and storage of sensitive samples and vaccines.

To comply with the cold chain regulation:

The cold chain of the vaccine must be unbroken during the entire storage, mass loading and transport on site!

       Special Features:

– temperature range: –86°C up to –20°C

–  easy to transport & place anywhere

– for 230V or 12V DC adapter

– capacity: 25 liters ⇒ 9000 | 1800 2ml Vials

SenseAnywhere wireless monitoring and logging

Use the SenseAnywhere Wireless monitoring system to monitor sample and vaccine temperatures from anywhere and on any device with a browser from a secure