FitoTerm: Temperature Test Cabinet
FitoClima: Temperature- and Climate Test Cabinet


Test chambers of aralab realise precise climatic and temperature conditions. Suitable for climate testing and temperature testing in the fields of:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial material testing
  • Aircraft construction
  • Quality control


FitoTerm E20: –20º C to   +180º C
FitoTerm E45: –45º C to   +180º C
FitoTerm E75: –75º C to   +180º C

FitoClima EP, EC und ECP 20: –20º C to  +180º C 10 to 98 % RH
FitoClima EP, EC und ECP 45: –45º C to   +180º C 10 to 98 % RH
FitoClima EP, EC und ECP 75: –75º C to   +180º C

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