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Analytica l Neuer Termin 19. – 22. October 2020 l Munich


Worlds Leading Trade Fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference


Exhibiting partners:

climate controll cabinets

hall B2 / booth 314

freeze dryers | freeze drying plants | rotational vacuum concentrators

hall B2 / booth 109

workbenches for biological safety and laminar flow solutions

hall A3 / booth 412B


Temperaturschränke | Klimaschränke

Halle B2 / Stand 423A


ultra freezers

hall B1 / booth 328

laboratory shaker | shaking incubators | shaking machines

hall A3 / booth 205


heating circulators | heat exchangers | refrigeration equipment | water baths

hall B2 / booth 217

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LSCbasic control system for Christ Freeze Dryers


Comfortable and intuitive

LSCbasic control system with a colour touchscreen

For routine applications, a high degree of process reliability is expected in addition to application-specific flexibility. The Alpha or Beta device series with the new LSCbasic control system fulfils these requirements.

Useful functions, such as the schematic system diagram providing information about the system status at a glance, the indication of the product temperature based on the ice pressure curve or the use of multiple languages are highly convincing.


Pet Brooders

Pet Brooders – the No.1 choice for veterinary care and animal recovery, developped according to the needs and requirements of veterinary medicine. Available for optimal evironment settings depending on pet’s condition.



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